What to expect coming into refuge

NDAS provide refuge services across Northamptonshire. To access this service contact the 24-hour helpline on 0300 0120154

What to expect coming into refuge

Moving into an unfamiliar environment, leaving personal possessions behind and having to share accommodation with others is a very difficult time for everyone. Life in refuge is not easy, it is an unknown environment and not knowing how long it will be before you are re-housed or waiting whilst occupation orders are obtained to enable you to return to your own home can be challenging.

Alongside this, if you are a parent having to cope with the anxieties of your children leaving their familiar environment and extended family, not knowing when appropriate school places will be available is especially hard.

Support staff endeavour to identify how victims feel and they are committed to making refuge a nice space to live in, supporting residents to move forward in their lives, helping victims to regain their self-esteem and confidence, often with no support from family or friends. When a family moves into refuge a comprehensive support plan is provided.

Areas of support include:

  • Staying Safe
  • Being Healthy
  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Enjoying and Achieving
  • Making a Positive Contribution

Support staff have a broad depth of knowledge to ensure families can access all services to ensure new skills are learnt, helping families move forward in their lives and enabling them to live a life free from abuse and fear. We have strict policies in place to ensure the location of our refuges remain confidential. No visitors apart from pre-arranged appointment with professionals are allowed.

I have arrived with nothing

On occasions, women and their children will flee domestic violence quickly and as a result will have no personal possessions with them at all. Don’t worry, the basics can be provided and support staff will work with you to seek financial support and recover your possessions if necessary.

How long can I stay in refuge?

Some clients stay only a few days, others for a few months whilst they wait for accommodation in a new community. Our refuge gives you temporary accommodation while we support you to find suitable accommodation.

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Are you a professional that would like to learn more about working with families impacted by domestic abuse? We are offering a virtual days training on 2nd June for only £50 per person (usual price £80) For more information/to book please email matthewcunningham@ndas-org.co.uk

There are lots of ways to get help. @NorthantsDAS offer online webchat on http://www.ndas.co You can also email them at advice@ndas-org.co.uk or call 0300 0120155

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Help is always available,
If you are a victim of domestic abuse you can contact the @SunflowerNhants center on 01604 888211 or @NorthantsDAS 0300 0120154, @RapeCrisisNN on 0300 2225930 or @voicenorthants on 0300 303 1965

We held our first virtual Freedom group session on Thursday and it was a great success! If you are a female victim of abuse and would like to join a virtual session, please email advice@ndas-org.co.uk

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