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Freedom Programme: For women experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse

This 10-week programme is designed for women who have been or are currently in an abusive relationship. The programme provides an opportunity for women to develop ways of thinking and behaving to help them to protect themselves, their children and others from harm.

By recognising the beliefs held by abusive men, women can learn to understand that abusive men lie about their behaviour. The programme teaches women to identify the tactics of coercion, recognise the early warning signs of abuse and identify tactics some men use in their belief of male superiority to undermine women’s rights and opinions.

Help me to Stay Safe: For 7 – 11-year old witnesses of domestic abuse

This 6-week programme is designed for 7-11-year old children who have witnessed domestic abuse.  The aims are to help children recognise and understand what domestic abuse is and the effect it has on themselves and others and helps them have a better understanding of staying safe.

The programme will encourage children to share their feelings, understand the changes in their family and will make them aware that they are not alone.  The programme will help children build their self-esteem and confidence and develop an awareness of taking responsibility for their own behaviours and actions. The programme will also provide opportunities for mothers and children to engage in positive conversation and activities around their experiences of domestic abuse.

Bespoke 1:1 sessions: Individual sessions

These advice and support sessions are focused on clients individual needs. 1:1 interventions take place over 6-weeks, are person-centred and will embrace the ethos of listening to the ‘victim’s voice’. Facilitators have specialist training in dealing with issues around domestic abuse. Clients can be reassured that all information is kept secure and confidential.

Your Power to Change: For heterosexual male perpetrators     

This 10-week programme is designed for heterosexual men who are perpetrators of domestic abuse. Participants will have accepted responsibility for their behaviours towards others and will demonstrate a willingness to change the way they behave.

The programme will help participants make decisions on changing their behaviour without resorting to violence or abuse.  They will learn about the effects and consequences of abuse on others around them and will learn how to react to challenging or stressful situations without being abusive.

Participants will attend the group with other men who have also exhibited abusive behaviours and will explore together tactics on changing their behaviours and learning new ways of communicating.

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The Keep Safe Scheme is a Fantastic scheme in #northants which aims to help people with disabilities feel safer and more independent when out on their own.

Credit must go to Alex for waiving his anonymity. This will encourage anyone else in a similar position to know they are not alone and hopefully to reach out for help. If this is you, call us anytime on 0300 0120154

We have a client in refuge at the moment who is struggling financially and would appreciate donations of any boys clothing aged 2-3 years. Please can any donation be dropped in at our main advice centre, 13-15 Hazelwood Rd, Northampton between 9-3pm Monday to Friday.

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The Freedom Programme

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