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Freedom programme for female victims

This 10-week programme is designed for women who have been or are currently in an abusive relationship. The programme provides an opportunity for women to develop ways of thinking and behaving to help them to protect themselves, their children and others from harm.

By recognising the beliefs held by abusive men, women can learn to understand that abusive men lie about their behaviour. The programme teaches women to identify the tactics of coercion, recognise the early warning signs of abuse and identify tactics some men use in their belief of male superiority to undermine women’s rights and opinions.

Our Freedom Programme is currently being run virtually via Zoom video calls. These are happening every Thursday 10-12.00.

If you would like to join, please email or call 0300 0120154 for more information.

We will provide guidance on how to use Zoom before your first meeting. 

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Are you a professional that would like to learn more about working with families impacted by domestic abuse? We are offering a virtual days training on 2nd June for only £50 per person (usual price £80) For more information/to book please email

There are lots of ways to get help. @NorthantsDAS offer online webchat on You can also email them at or call 0300 0120155

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Help is always available,
If you are a victim of domestic abuse you can contact the @SunflowerNhants center on 01604 888211 or @NorthantsDAS 0300 0120154, @RapeCrisisNN on 0300 2225930 or @voicenorthants on 0300 303 1965

We held our first virtual Freedom group session on Thursday and it was a great success! If you are a female victim of abuse and would like to join a virtual session, please email

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