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We have helped countless numbers of men, women and children overcome the affect that Domestic Abuse has had on their lives. We can help you too. 


“Thank you so much, I felt very left on my own to deal with things still going on so you’ve given me a lifeline to carry on trying”


“It was like putting all the pieces of a jigsaw together, now I can finally see why I feel the way I do.”


“When I was brought into NDAS I couldn’t even go into Sainsbury’s to get a packet of bread and today I feel like I rule my journey.”


“I shall never forget how you turned my life around, in the beginning I was terrified of the world and today 8 years later I couldn’t have been successful and happier all because of you. “

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This is the sad reality, many are turned down for refuge due to lack of spaces and funding cuts all over the UK.

Hope everyone has a peaceful & relaxing weekend. Remember, we are still here if you need to talk to someone

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Registered address: 13-15 Hazelwood Rd
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