Blog: Friday 4th August 2017.

Domestic abuse has no gender.

Did you know that 1 in 3 victims of domestic abuse are men? Or that 1 in every 6 men will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime?

Are you surprised? If you are, then you’re certainly not alone in making the assumption that male domestic abuse victims are a very small minority. It is true that the majority of domestic abuse is directed at women but research shows that the number of women convicted of perpetrating domestic abuse has increased 7 fold since 2004/5.

The reality is that 450,0000 men are victims of partner abuse every year, this goes far beyond a few isolated cases or a small minority. It’s a real problem that can have devastating effects on male victims, in the exact same way it can for females. The truth is that domestic abuse is a genderless crime, against a person.

The more obvious differences between male and female victims are the way they report the abuse or how they seek help or in many cases, how they don’t seek help. Research shows that male victims are over 3 times more likely not to report abuse, in comparison to women. Additionally, only 10% of male victims will seek help from the Police, whilst 26% of women will. Male domestic abuse charity, ManKind report that 25% of the helpline calls they receive are actually from concerned friends and family, rather than from victims directly.

The reasons male victims are less likely to seek help are varied. However, our work reveals similar themes. Often men feel emasculated and weak for “allowing” abuse to happen. Our complex society and gender roles expect men to be emotionally and physically dominant over women and other men. This view of masculinity can actually contribute to men becoming perpetrators of domestic abuse. On the other hand, when a male is a victim the very same thing can prevent them from seeking the help they need. This stigma and also the knowledge that they may not be taken seriously or believed contribute to fewer men accessing domestic abuse services.

In light of the increasing numbers of men experiencing domestic abuse, it’s clear that work is needed to raise awareness and to break down beliefs that domestic violence is a female problem. Currently, the amount of male refuge space in the UK is limited and insufficient. There is not enough space to meet the need. In response to this, we (NDAS) are in the process of opening a male refuge in Northamptonshire in partnership with The Northamptonshire Quakers. The refuge will be a place where male victims can seek help and support whilst they are found somewhere more permanent if required.

To access this service please call our 24/7 helpline today – 0300 0120 154 or email us.

To find out more about the common signs of domestic abuse please click here.

Everyone has the right to be safe. There is no excuse for domestic abuse.


Blog: Friday 14th July 2017.

We are NDAS.

Hello and welcome to our first blog and brand new website, we’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

Friday 14th of July 2017 marks an important date for Northampton Women’s Aid. From this point forward we will be known as – Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS).

The service has been rebranded and updated to reflect the full scope of the work we do in Northamptonshire.

National research statistics and our own experiences tell us that women are the main victims of domestic abuse. However, since our beginnings back in 1976, we now provide a more varied and comprehensive service to all members of the community. In addition to our support programmes and emergency refuge for women victims, we offer help for children who have witnessed domestic abuse, young perpetrators, male victims or perpetrators and bespoke 1-2-1 sessions tailored to the clients’ individual needs. In August this year, we will be opening an emergency refuge for male victims and a specialist refuge for women with substance misuse issues.

Our new name and identity will remove any potential barriers to men in contacting us for help and also fully represents the broad spectrum of the work we do across Northamptonshire. Over the years the service has evolved and grown but our belief will always be the same – that nobody should live in fear, whatever their community. Because of this, we will continue to work to achieve effective responses to domestic abuse.

Our story. From Women’s Aid to NDAS:

 1975 – Interested feminists started campaigning for support for abused women.

1976 – Northampton Women’s Aid formed as an unincorporated association, first refuge opened, staffed by volunteers.

1980 – First paid employee appointed by the organisation.

1982 – Northampton Women’s Aid becomes a registered charity.

1985 – Northampton Women’s Aid Advice Centre opened at Junction 7, Hazelwood Road.

1989 – Second refuge open by Northampton Women’s Aid.

1990 – Funding received for an Asian Support Worker.

1992 – Three new refuges opened including an Asian women’s refuge.

1993 – NWA receives the Heinz Community Award – new Advice Centre opened at 13 Guildhall Road, Northampton.

1994 – Daventry refuge opened.

            Advice sessions started at the Abbey Centre in Daventry.

            NWA receives Northampton Borough Council’s Major’s own award for “Outstanding Service to the Community”.

            NWA co-organised the first Northampton Annual National Conference on Domestic Violence.

            NWA become a company limited by guarantee.

1995 – National Lottery Charities Board awards funds for a three year counselling project.

1998 – Northampton Women’s Aid 21st Anniversary Year.  A year of fundraising totalling £20,000 for the beneficiaries of the charity.

1999 – BBC Children In Need awarded £50,000 for a three year post for an additional full-time children’s worker.

2001 – Funding received from Kettering Borough Council to facilitate the opening of Kettering refuge.

           Funding received for Aftercare and Outreach Service in Daventry & South Northamptonshire.

           Adaption of one refuge for access by disabled people.

2003 – Work initiated with multi-agency group to establish specialist refuge accommodation for women who are victims of domestic

           abuse and who also have substance misuse issues.

2004 – Work begins to establish refuge accommodation in Corby.

2005 – Home Office funding secured for counselling project – a joint initiative with the Rape and Incest Crisis Centre.

2006 – DAAT funding received for refurbishment of specialist refuge accommodation.

2007 – Advice Centre re-located to Hazelwood Road.

           Specialist refuge for substance misuse opens in November.

           Refuge provision in Corby opens in December.

           Planning application made for new refuge build in Corby.

2008 – Freedom training programme launched in Northampton, Towcester, Brackley & Daventry.

           Two training courses “I Can Make a Difference” and Why Doesn’t She Leave?” developed by NWA volunteer.

           New refuge build in Corby opens in October providing 6 self-contained flats and communal areas.

2010 – Azaadi Group for Asian women established.

2011/12 – NWA, WENWA & NVCFR work collaboratively to prepare to deliver Northamptonshire domestic abuse services.

2013/14 – NWA, Service Six, Family Action and NAYC prepare to tender for NCC Early Help and Prevention Children and Families

            Supporting Services Contract.

2014 – NWA, Service Six, Family Action & NAYC successful in tender for 9 out of 10 of the locality contracts.

           Media campaign launched to raise the awareness of refuges being at risk of closure.

2015 – DCLG funding for refuge support costs secured for 12 months.

2016 – Process begins to change the name of service.

2017 – NWA becomes Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS).

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Pls RT: Help is available for male victims of domestic violence.Don't suffer in silence. Please Call The Men's Advice Line on 08088010327

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Domestic Abuse has no gender. Did you know that 1 in 3 victims of domestic abuse are men? Find out more in our blog:

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